If Brexit Is Cancelled, How Bad Would The Civil Unrest Be?

So hypothetically speaking: Brexit didn’t happen, whether due to a peoples vote going the other way, or government actually coming to their senses and admitting it can’t be done without huge damage to the country across all aspects so they “take back control” and call it off.

How bad do we think the civil unrest would be? Are we thinking that we are dealing with a small proportion of hard right yobs a la Tommy Robinson, who will posture around for a while and create pockets of havoc? Or large scale protests the like of which this country has never seen before?

I’m asking because I think is would probably be the former, as i don’t think we are likely to see millions of OAPs marching across the country. Or am I deluding myself and we could descend into civil war?

The problem isn’t civil unrest or large-scale protest. The problem is that we might send loads of UKIP MEPs to Brussels in May, and all the other countries send loads too, aided and abetted by Trump, Putin and a Brexit that was promised by the whole of Westminster and the media.

Not only that, but over the next four years, this toxicity will grow and threaten the hard-right getting into government here in the UK in 2022 – maybe promising a binding referendum, or just crashing us out, no questions asked.

This is the real agenda from the hard-right: force Westminster to promise something it has no intention of doing and feed off the resulting anger. They don’t even care about Brexit. The European hard-right want to take the EU over, not break it up – they are organised, cooperating and looking at the long-game and, frankly, many people have fallen into their trap and are sleepwalking to fascism.