Day 1024

Our best strategy for UK’s sustainable membership of the EU is going to plan… To recall: Stage 1: Stop hard Brexit (2017 GE); Stage 2: … Read more

Day 1018

At the very least, a Brexit devolution settlement would “give back control” to those who thought they had voted for it.”

Day 1011

“Without the European elections, without getting three seats in 1999, without getting the resources that the European parliament made available to us … without the … Read more

Day 1001

So what’s the real Brexit plan people were saying is going to be published? I was washing my hair – did I miss it?

Day 958

Tory “think”-tank, Policy Exchange: “The identity management experiment for EU citizens remaining in the UK after Brexit should be a prototype for a national system.” … Read more

Day 957

“They don’t want to break it up, they want to control it”. Brexit is just a pawn in a bigger game. If you’re thinking too … Read more

Day 953

“The people must be asked to resolve the dilemma which parliament cannot resolve, so as finally to exorcise the European issue from the body politic.” … Read more

Day 952

“Remainers need to wake up a bit. Sorry, that’s just how it is. Screaming #stopbrexit only hardens Brexiters’ resolve and maintains the fiction that Brexit … Read more

Day 950

“Bannon said yesterday he was setting up a foundation called the Movement, to lead a right-wing revolt at next spring’s European elections. He held meetings … Read more

Day 949

: “It’s interesting to look at UKIP itself which benefited enormously from having the platform of the EU Parliament. Having more than one parliament helps … Read more