Day 947

The headliner on the main stage at the Brexit froth-fest this summer has been announced: The Imminent Apocalypse.

Day 946

“Dancing to their tune by talking about Brexit. Brexit is their idea. We should be talking about alternatives. “StopBrexit” isn’t an alternative, it’s a description … Read more

Day 940

Back to Day 355: “Raab toughens stance on Brexit ‘divorce bill’, says UK may not pay £39bn if trade talks stall”

Day 937

UK gov’s Minister for Brexit has finally achieved an exit – his own – and he was right; it will benefit the country.

Day 932

“It’s all a bit of a phony war. The only thing the Tories have to agree on is the wording of the Backstop – the … Read more

Day 930

Today, the EU27 described the latest May Brexit as the same old cake but, “in an attempt to sweeten the pill they are prepared to … Read more

Day 918

250 days ago; The UK gov asked the EU to postpone Brexit. The agreement is the Final Deal is due in 2021. (The Transition Period) … Read more

Day 879

“Brexit customs standoff could go on for another week”, lol.

Day 864

“”As MPs debated the issue in the House of Commons, Rudd was asked whether she would vote to remain inside if she were still a … Read more

Day 825.5

The point at which it’s difficult to tell if the UK is negotiating to join or to leave the EU.