Day 682

Update: According to Yougov – the proportion of people responding “I haven’t an effin clue mate” to the question of whether we should go ahead … Read more

Day 677

“Yes, I voted remain because I thought the best option was to remain. I haven’t changed my mind on that.” – Corbyn. “Yes, I voted … Read more

Day 650

UPDATE: #// transmission intercepted: “Hey EU people – the ball is in your court – May has asked that we postpone everything for a few … Read more

Day 591

In the Brexit chess game from hell, someone finally moved a piece, today in London’s City Hall: Step One of the perfect u-turn; check your … Read more

Day 589

“The government is to launch its first major investigation into migration from the EU in order to lay the foundations for a new immigration system, … Read more

Day 577

Great stuff, better late than never (the opposite, actually, of our motto at Neverendum HQ) – the first ever mention in our media of how … Read more

Day 541

Stage One went all the way to the wire – after hanging around for 9 months and no one stepping up to take the blame, … Read more

Day 535

Personally, I’m cheerfully still in the Denial phase. 535 days after it all began, the exact same arguments for and against remain, and so will … Read more

Day 532

“Q: Aren’t you telling voters they can have incompatible things on Brexit: frictionless trade, but withdrawal from the single market too?”

Day 518

Well, nothing much has changed, lol: Two points from the Labour manifesto – “As our trading relationship with the EU changes it is vital that … Read more