Federalism, Democracy and Brexit

I think many people don’t understand the point of the EU or even democracy because we are from a country that has very little of it. Democracy isn’t just about being able to make the decisions. It is also about having more options available to choose from – which being in something like the EU gives us.

You can go and live off-grid in the wilderness and decide everything for yourself, no one to tell you anything. You will have 100% sovereignty but do you really have democracy, with not much to do except survive?

So, most people in the world are comfortable about ceding sovereignty to gain better options. This is the basis for civilisation and this is democracy too. The thing with the UK is that we have ceded 90% of our sovereignty to Westminster – and Brexit only returns sovereignty to them, not us. It actually makes it worse for us – we still have just one dodgy vote to cover even more subjects like immigration and trade, fattening their useless manifestos.

Leaving the EU is not the answer – that’s why no mainstream party in the UK will genuinely attempt it. But we should start thinking about devolving England into the regions and making the UK a federation – just like USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, etc, etc. The problem of our democracy is that Westmonster has stolen it from us.

That’s why we have shit politicians where half of them seemed to have gone to the same school. That’s why we have issues understanding English identity – because we are 55 million in England with no regional outlet for our politics. That’s why people who feel so disenfranchised from politics were easily fooled into thinking the EU is the problem.

It’s interesting to look at UKIP itself which benefited enormously from having the platform of the EU Parliament. Having more than one parliament helps democracy, it gives more opportunity to dissenting voices. More political options. Out of the EU we will have none and still be beholden to the centralised government sitting in Westminster dishing out the politics to us.