Step One For Starmer

Is like clockwork… A UK-wide Constitutional Commission: “It’ll consider how we can make sure that powers coming back from Brussels are not just centralised in Westminster….but are shared across the regions and nations of the United Kingdom” Speech is here. Video is here:

It’s a great step one – smuggling in English regional devolution into the Scottish independence question. It makes sense to introduce the Stockholm-Syndromed British to that f-word; federation.

A four-nation federation doesn’t make any sense. Either Scotland would be outvoted by England on everything and nothing changes from the present system – or, with the four nations with equal representation means the Scottish citizen’s democratic voice is ten times louder than an English citizen.

Only a many-member federation makes any kind of sense and this is a significant step from the Labour leader’s first big policy speech. All progressives should engage with that Commission. A 12-member UK federation is how we get better, reform, get PR, rejoin the EU. This is the way.

The Debate On Starmer’s Speech

So Labour are voting Lib Dem?
This issue is far beyond mere party politics. And Labour have very good form on devolution in the UK. Lib Dems need to step up and drop their PR obsession, their pro-fed activists are having a very hard time convincing their leadership to act.
Labour can't possibly win another election without PR. And localism/devolution has been part of LD policy for decades. PR is the only way to break the consistent Tory Electoral hegemony.
Well if Labour don’t win any elections I can’t see the Tories bringing PR in. Your route is back to front.
PR is something that happens as a result of devolution and federation.
And I predict the Lib Dems will also shift towards it.
True, but you have moved the goalposts. You implied that the obsession with PR was futile. The enactment of PR is going to be a key demand to Starmer and the Labour party from other parties who could and should be engaged in an alliance to defeat the Tories. Paddy Ashdown thought he had negotiated a similar commitment from Blair prior to the 1997 Election in which there was an unofficial LD-Labour pact. Post 1998, Brown made sure that was kicked into the long grass. Do you dispute that FPTP distorts and frustrated Democracy?
In a devolved and federated UK, regions will have the choice to elect their parliament in however fashion they want. Our already devolved areas already have that power and already have moved on from FPTP.
No need to promise anything on PR – the policy to federate UK will be the reform required for PR to happen – and the Lib Dems will sign up to that. Even SNP will, even though the policy will degrade support for Scottish independence.
FPTP distorts UK politcs. Our lack of regional devolution distorts it ten times as much.
So now, I return to your comment about PR, but apply it to Federal Devolution. How is that going to come about? Not just by Labour announcing policy.
The issue is the basic cause of both Brexit and Scotindy. It is what fuels the misguided thirst for PR. It is revealed in everything, most recently with the pandemic and regions taking orders from 10 Downing Street.
It’s not just a Labour policy that is being announced. It’s the next step towards a better UK. It’s good with the Lib Dems and SNP are an actual example of regional politics. Even the Tories need to work out how to keep their red wall.
The next election will be fought on this issue.
In such a Federation (BTW, what is proposed for Cornwall?) what replaces Westminster Parliament? A national assembly? How would that be elected?
There are no concrete proposals for the form of federation. There are plenty of models around the world to look at.
Typically, we’re looking at 9 English regions more or less the nine that are used to allocate EU funding. Or were. (No coincidence, they were the only such regions in Europe with no democratic say over that money – and eight of therm voted to leave.)
And a federal chamber, most people assume in Westminster.