The Time Has Come For A Federal UK

Britain needs to be a federation of around 12 devolved regions. That is the problem with UK politics and the lack of democracy in this country. It explains why people here just don’t get the point of the EU, why so many voted for Brexit. It serves as an antidote to Brexit, not contradicting it, but relegating it to history because it would give genuine sovereignty to the people. Finally, it would serve as an excellent apology from Westminster for all the faffing around.

Bar the English, all Westerners have some kind of federalism or devolution, or live in a small country where their vote speaks ten times louder than the British one. It’s pure Stockholm syndrome to think this is just great and that we should have Brexit that will radically worsen the centralisation.

It is an idea that is ripe to begin. (Before you bother), yes, there was a daft “referendum” on devolution in the NE before the social media era. It failed, partly, because it wasn’t a genuine devolution at all – it was a fake, like the London Assembly that’s basically only in charge of transport. Remember, too, the Scottish rejected devolution in 1979 but soon changed their minds after a few Tory governments.

Federalism holds no fears for our political parties – apart from having to engage their brains of course. I would guess that even Kippers could get behind the idea of having more genuine control – and being able to own their decisions, even if they disagree with them. That’s the core reason why they voted against the government in the only one-person-one-vote they have been offered in a generation.

Brexit is rubbish. Stop Brexit is breaking promises. So just ignore the question. Like the AV referendum and ScotIndy,, they were the wrong question anyway. “How do we want to govern ourselves?” Regionally devolved UK is the answer.