Day 1024

Our best strategy for UK’s sustainable membership of the EU is going to plan… To recall: Stage 1: Stop hard Brexit (2017 GE); Stage 2: Transition Period; Stage 3: Rejoin once we have significant reform in UK domestic politics.


“Officials are also working to “improve” the link between the backstop and future trade deal, in an attempt to convince the British the backstop would never be activated.” “British will switch to an “event-limited” backstop, which would only expire on agreement between the EU and the UK on a future trading relationship that maintained the open border.”


But this bit is wrong: “The UK backstop plan outlined in June would see the whole of the UK remain aligned with the EU customs union for a limited time. But the EU wants a Northern Ireland-only backstop and deems the time limit unacceptable.” To be clear: The EU are asking for a NI-only Backstop GIVEN that the Tories want the UK to leave the CU. They would accept a NI+UK Backstop if it was a forever-commitment – but May’s June proposal was time-limited so was rejected.