Day 1036

“Theresa May’s statement on Brexit offers little new. Corbyn says “it’s beginning to sound like Groundhog Day”, although Labour said the same line last week so their own responses are also a bit groundhoggy.”


Today’s round-up:


TM says, “the backstop must not be permanent, it will go when we have an alternative solution”

EU says: “backstop must not be temporary, it will stay until we have an alternative solution”


Hard Remainer MPs: “Between a ‘no-deal’ and ‘May’s deal’, we will vote for ‘no-deal’ and “a no-deal will be a disaster”.


Hard Brexit MPs: “whinge, whinge, time-limited backstop whinge”

TM: “The backstop is EVENT-limited. The event is whether you can figure out an alternative.”


DUP/SNP: “We will vote ‘no-deal’ if there is a sea border”

TM: “There is not going to be a sea border”


Everyone: “When will this Transition Period end?”

TM: “At the next election”.