Day 1037

A selection of the day’s brexit froth:


“This is the myth that drives some in the UK to seek a “blindfold” Brexit, in which the UK leaves in March 2019 with a fudge, leaving the terms of our future relationship with the EU vague. Such an outcome should be unthinkable for Britain and would be deeply dangerous to the European Union. For that reason we urge that it be resisted vigorously by all those who care about Europe’s future.”


The EU and UK agreed to have the final deal negotiations AFTER we have left.


“We [the European parliament] are in favour [of extending the Transition Period]. Three years is our proposal. I agree with the new proposal of Mr Barnier. This is a good choice.”


The possibility of a three-year transition period was already written into the EU Parliament’s agreement on the A50 last year.