Day 1489

Neverendum: Day 1489: I liked A C Grayling as a philosopher. As “a lead thinker of the remain campaign”, however, he is terrible, makes all the classic errors, learns nothing and, still, doesn’t come close to understanding how the UK can be engaged members of the EU.

There are three main questions to answer and devolution in England – and a UK federation of around 12 – answers all of them.

1. How do we address the disenfranchisement in regional England? 2. How does Westminster apologise for the Brexit scam?
3. How will the EU be sure we have really turned a corner?

“Citizens Assemblies around the country” kind of comes close, on the right lines, but, reading on, what a depressing outlook. A fixation on the red herring of PR and a recipe for more chit-chat with the ultimate aim of achieving something that half the country says they don’t want.

It truly is the Neverendum.

The Brexit nightmare could be over within five years