Day 825

“Gove put repatriating control of fisheries at the heart of his post-Brexit strategy. But as the negotiations to secure the terms of a transition deal go to the wire in Brussels, the UK has backed down.


However, sources say there have been concessions on both sides. The EU is prepared to allow the UK a say in the negotiations on setting the allowable catch for the EU fleet even after the formal departure date of 29 March 2019.”


Coming after the Tory insistence that no UK/EU border will change after Brexit, doesn’t it look a little bit like the Tories are fighting to remain and hoping that people do not realise? It might explain why May asked for a longer Transition Period than the EU initially want. It might explain why she postponed the next election.


At Neverendum HQ, we do not believe Brexit will happen in any genuine way, no matter who is in government. Even Farage PM couldn’t do it. Because the rationality for all this was evident before the referendum, it means that telling everyone that it won’t really happen is tantamount to saying that Westminster lied to the people, the EU and indeed the world. And given many people voted for Brexit exactly because of the lies Westminster tell the people – and the way they are ignored – you can see why a second referendum (or any obvious stopping solution) is problematic at best.


The problem isn’t stopping Brexit. That brick wall is coming regardless. The problem is how to move on.