Day 918

250 days ago; The UK gov asked the EU to postpone Brexit. The agreement is the Final Deal is due in 2021. (The Transition Period)


186 days ago; The UK agreed with the EU to postpone Brexit if the Final Deal in 2021 was postponed further, or if the agreement to postpone the Final Deal had to be postponed. (The No No-Deal Agreement)


21 days ago; The UK gov had a meltdown when they realised this meant the postponing would last forever. They pretended to postpone this agreement to postpone Brexit if Brexit had to be postponed. (The Backstop – another name for the No No-Deal Agreement)


Today; Parliament agreed to postpone the decision on whether Parliament can have a meaningful vote before March 2019, on the decision to either postpone the agreement to postpone Brexit until 2021, or to postpone the agreement to postpone Brexit because there was no-deal (which has already been postponed anyway, possibly permanently depending on who you ask.


Tomorrow; You can march in London at the demonstration for a People’s Vote – a vote taking place before March 2019 on the Final Deal due in January 2021.