Day 950

“Bannon said yesterday he was setting up a foundation called the Movement, to lead a right-wing revolt at next spring’s European elections. He held meetings in a Mayfair hotel last week with senior figures on the European hard right and far right, including Farage and the vice-president of the French National Rally, formerly the National Front.”


The hard-right couldn’t give a damn about leaving the EU, they like the EU, they want to take it over. And by getting Westminster to promise something that can not be delivered, they have set the scene for a failed Brexit and rising anger and frustration – who thinks the UK is immune from Trumpian tomfoolery? “Raheem Kassam, a former adviser to Farage and employee of Bannon’s, said the post-Chequers chaos was “massively an opening for the right”


Advice before the referendum was to forget about the EU and vote on the basis of whether you support UKIP-style policies or not – my thinking being that this was the only consequence possible. And here we are.