Day 958

Tory “think”-tank, Policy Exchange: “The identity management experiment for EU citizens remaining in the UK after Brexit should be a prototype for a national system.”


Great to see this can of worms being opened, although after 958 days of the Neverendum so far, I think we’ll have to wait for a few hundred more before the real chimps’ tea-party begins.


We can kick off with the point that it was the lack of ID cards which means UK can’t effectively control migration like other EU countries can – what Cameron was told when he went to ask – the problem is the uniquely – and consequently very valuable – British legal system, not really the laws of the EU – for, without ID cards, whether we are in the EU or have left, you can’t really do things like limit working benefits.


The best worm, for me, though, is the right-wing objection to Labour’s ID card policy from 2009 – on the basis that it might force us into the Schengen Zone. A silly excuse – but lots of hilarious irony potential as we will end up remaining in the EU, with ID cards and a live-schengen issue to be frothed over as we negotiate rejoining.