Modern Democracy Better Delivered

England devolves into nine and we have a UK federation of 12 regions and nations."

The Lack of Regional Democracy In UK

Is responsible for things like Scotindy, Brexit, massive regional inequality and even poor pandemic response.

Devolution And Federation Will Enable Further Reforms

Such as rejoining the EU, reforming our electoral system or creating a written constitution.

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We believe there should be some kind of federal UK.

Too much power is centred in Westminster. The Scottish are not happy with their deal because England is 84% of the Union. And since there can only be one centre – the British either see Brussels as a competitor or don’t really engage in the EU at all.

Democracy is best delivered via a hierarchy of decision-making, with a layer at the regional or national level.

Those regions and nations must be of equal proportions – or as close as questions of identity, history or practicality allow.

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