Campaign for a UK Federation Of Regions and Nations

A map of a UK federation of twelve regions and nations

A UK Federation of Regions and Nations

The fundamental reform we need to fix the United Kingdom

Modern democracy around the world is delivered to large populations with types of federation. In those large countries, smaller populations (as regions, states, länder, provinces, etc.) have a layer of democracy and decision-making to govern on more local issues.

This is sometimes called the subsidiarity principle – and we see it with Canada, USA, Spain, Germany and Australia, especially.

The UK desperately needs such reform. We already have three devolved areas – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – but the fourth nation, England, is too big, has too many people, to have only one parliament and government.

What’s the problem? What’s the solution? What’s the strategy? The federal debate

The Debate

The arguments for and against devolution and federation for UK and a closer look at what this reform means…

Taking Back Control

Brexit does not take back control for the English regions who overwhelmingly supported it. Only regional devolution puts power closer to the people.

Levelling Up

UK has the most unequal regions in the West by quite a big margin. Better central funding helps but regional governments are the long-term solution.  

Proportional Representation

PR is not a great system for very large electorates who only have one parliament to vote for. Federation enables PR.

Scottish Independence

The lop-sided nature of the union at present doesn’t do anyone any favours. But fixing it is the first step – not leaving it.

Resources, Information and Links

Information and resources about devolution, federalism and links to pro-federal publications, parties and organisations.