Day 1489

Neverendum: Day 1489

Neverendum: Day 1489: I liked A C Grayling as a philosopher. As “a lead thinker of the remain campaign”, however, he is terrible, makes all … Read more

Day 1091

A day of high froth: To vote tomorrow on whether to delay the vote that is about delaying a genuine Brexit which no one knows … Read more

Day 1076

“They may be willing to change their minds but they won’t hear the arguments for doing so unless they are convinced that they have been … Read more

Day 1065

A sneak peak at the result of Labour’s six tests on the Exit Deal that was agreed 344 days ago.   Does it ensure a … Read more

Day 1063

Labour Brexit policy latest: “there is definitely going to be a Brexit in name only next March but, of course, a genuine Brexit can be … Read more

Day 1060

More froth from the front-line; “Today the DUP have threatened to vote down May’s Deal for a UK-wide Backstop because the DUP want a UK-wide … Read more

Day 1059

Brexiters: “MPs to vote down May’s Brexit deal so EU makes better offer”   Remainers: “MPs to vote down May’s Brexit Deal so Brexit is … Read more

Day 1040

Finally, May’s plan for not really Brexiting is dawning on people; still a way to go. Meanwhile here’s the latest from the 48% Preppers group: … Read more

Day 1037

A selection of the day’s brexit froth:   “This is the myth that drives some in the UK to seek a “blindfold” Brexit, in which … Read more

Day 1036

“Theresa May’s statement on Brexit offers little new. Corbyn says “it’s beginning to sound like Groundhog Day”, although Labour said the same line last week … Read more